The factory is equipped with state of the art test equipment in order that compliance with various International and National standards can be confirmed by tensile testing in accordance with individual batch requirements. Deliveries are always accompanied by test or conformance certificates depending on the destination and local requirements.

Prodragon Web Sling Co has a tightly integrated manufacturing process in which high tenacity polyester yarn is woven into webbing and then fabricated into webbing slings. The first phase of the company’s development focused on producing webbing for cargo web slings and pipe slings. These markets need a manufacturing system which provides for high output, consistent quality and reliable delivery. ProDragon Web Sling Co has designed its manufacturing capability around these requirements.

The weaving of the webbing is direct from creel though bespoke warp yarn tension units into the latest design of weaving machines The result is exceptionally high levels of productivity and high quality of finished product, designed to meet all requirements for web and roundslings used in the marine and industrial sling sectors.

The factory is vertically integrated with a web and roundsling fabrication unit which has the capacity to convert the entire webbing and yarn output into slings.


We only employ at Prodragon Websling Co. individuals who are registered with the Government for employment. We do NOT employ child labour and we pride ourselves on the level of training given to our staff.

The Government of Vietnam has implemented various labour laws and Prodragon Websling Co. complies with these requirements. We provide rest areas, canteen and recreation facilities and a working environment that is second to none in the industry in a brand new light and airy factory. Such conditions benefit not only the employees, but are conducive to the production of a first class quality product, delivered in a timely fashion by a dedicated work force.

Manufacturing at Prodragon Webslings Co


We take the health and safety of our employees at Prodragon Websling Co. very seriously indeed; our local management has ensured that all employees are individually trained on the machinery, with which they will eventually be working and a full training programme is undertaken.

A number of our health and safety policies in use at the factory have been uplifted from those used in our other manufacturing plants in the U.K. We are assisted in the fact that our investment into the plant has meant that almost all of the machinery is brand new and purpose designed and thus is equipped with the very latest safety and employee protection systems.

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Manufacturing at Prodragon Webslings Co